7:50 am – Sunrise. Most of the panda bears begin to stir, some being very active while others wonder aimlessly and nap wherever they deem fit, usually every couple of feet or in a tree.

9:00 am – By this time most of the baby panda bears are active, walking around or munching on bamboo. Within this hour a keeper will come through the enclosure, cleaning any poop piles, fallen branches or scattered toys.

10:00 am – Breakfast time. The keeper walks around giving each baby panda bear some stalks of bamboo. Also, the cubs love to play with the keepers during this time by chasing them or rolling around.

11:00 am – For most of the day the Giant Panda Bear babies will sleep, eat, and sometimes play with others. Usually they will nap in the tops of trees or on the man made log platforms.

4:30 pm – By this time of the day the panda’s are usually all sleeping and won’t be revived of energy until after dinner time. Keepers will come into the enclosures cleaning up any messes or old bamboo stalks.

5:00 pm – Dinner time. After cleaning up the enclosures, keepers will replace the old bamboo stalks with fresh ones. The Giant Panda Bear cubs will munch on these throughout the night, or whenever hungry.