Let’s give some background information on the Panda Bears I have, and will be continuing to observe for the past two weeks, and upcoming six. There are about 20 pandas in the Gengda Wolong Panda Center, China. Wolong Panda Center is located in the 494,210-acre Wolong Nature Reserve, which is divided into two sections, Panda research and captive breeding and reintroduction into the wild. The original center had been severely damaged during the 2008 earthquake, now the new center has multiple reintroduction areas and enclosures of varying sizes for different levels of training, a large 680-acre bamboo forest, a large research laboratory and a Panda Hospital. I watch the panda cam of the baby pandas in the Happiness Village yard, which currently houses nine pandas:

Au’au, meaning pride, is a male born in August of 2010 who is a bit of a loner and enjoys little interaction with the other pandas.

Fengfeng, “peak,” is Au’au’s twin sister. She likes people and enjoys company, the opposite of her twin brother, and she has a lively personality.

Haohao is a male born in the middle of August of 2010. He is a very nice panda with a good temperament and a sweet personality.

Shenbin, meaning gentleman, is one of the heavier babies, weighing in at 73 kg. She was born on August 20th of 2009 and enjoys bamboo sticks, apples and carrots.

One of the older panda’s in this enclosure is Tai Shan, otherwise known as Butterstick. He was born in July of 2005 and is a very personable panda but enjoys some quiet time by himself.

Yaoman is Yaoxin’s twin sister who was born on September 27th, 2009. She weighs 66 kg and enjoys bamboo, specifically the bamboo sticks.

Yaoxin, Yamon’s twin sister, also enjoys bamboo sticks in addition to apples and carrots.

Zhaoyang, “morning sun,” was born toward the of July in 2010. He is a smaller male, weighing only 33.6 kg, has a nice temperament, and likes eating carrots.

“Spring,” otherwise known as Zhichun, is the smallest panda in this enclosure, weighing only 22 kg. She was born on October 19th, 2010, making her the youngest. Although the youngest she is very intelligent, she’s shy but has a strong personality.